Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's Basketball Season once again

If you seen me lately then you will definitely say that I am out of shape. If you are thinking of a circle I am definitely out of shape since I have additional curves. In the past three to four years I believe my drive to play basketball has dwindled thanks to the increasing weight, sleepless nights and aching feet. Last year alone I remember playing less than ten games the whole year, a far cry to the times when I would play ten times in a week! Back then I breathed basketball and lived to play it. These past three I had the privilege of playing in two short tournaments, out STI Sportsfest and the Ateneo Alumni league ABL. My team in the ABL made me come home as my High School classmates and I formed a team to renew ties of playing back then in high school. I am happy that it took just a short while that my shooting hand finally came back. The conditioning though is another story since the road to fitness will definitely take a long time. It took three games in the ABL since my first two games I just scored two and four points respectively in limited minutes. My breakout game came at the time when I realized that I was like a diesel engine that needed to heat up before coming up with big shots. In that game I sank three 3 pointers that suddenly changed the complexion of the game. That alone gave me a big smile because it has been years since I played like that. Two days later we started our Sporsfest in the office and we were only seven in the team. Still sore from the game I played two days earlier I still managed to put up decent numbers since the opposition was a little less competitive than the ABL. Last weekend was the big night for me as the 2nd game of our sportsfest came along. Funny thing was that it was literally a 5 on 5 as both teams played without reserves. I started the game missing my first 7 shots as our opponents started like a house on fire and buried as 20-4! To make a long story short, we lost but we did not go out without a fight. It was a long time since I last played for 40 minutes and the only consolation was that at the end of the game I asked for the box scores and I was surprised I sank 9 triples enroute to a game high 33 pts. Wow it’s been a while since I scored that many. Anyway, there are more games ahead and I am excited to just play and have fun. Like what I said…I’m back!

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