Thursday, July 5, 2007


A month before my fourth birthday i got into a freak accident that until now is still a great topic to talk about, my finger got stuck on our giant door-the result is shown on the picture attached.All these years so many things come out whenever I am asked about it so here are a few that i can share.

MHELGEE’S TOP 5 Answers when asked “What Happened?”

  1. I'm a Yakuza neophyte

  2. I am Addicted to unlimited texting

  3. I used it to clean my ears after a year

  4. It got stuck when I was picking my nose

  5. We had a hard exam, I was so nervous and the result was excessive nail biting

MHEL GEE’S TOP 5 Experiences as a kid
When I was a kid,

  1. I was the only one who had a snub nose gun

  2. I sang the nursery rhyme “Nine & a Half Indian Boys!”

  3. When I play the Piano it is always entitled “Concierto Minus FA!”

  4. I was asked what time it is, I signaled a peace sign and said “Quarter to Two!”

  5. I was the only one who can add fractions with my fingers


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