Sunday, September 4, 2016

Guimaras Restaurant: The Pitstop Restaurant

If its your first time in Guimaras, or maybe if you are returning and is looking for a good meal, all roads will point you to The Pitstop restaurant for your Pit stop.

I arrived at around 1:00 pm and the place is still packed with customers and it took me another 15 minutes to be seated.

One thing I liked in this restaurant is that there is a tarp on the wall that promotes other places in Guimaras that you can visit. That was where I headed after my lunch.

The specialty of the house, the one that made me go to this restaurant, their famous Mango Pizza. Fortunately it lived up to its billing and I liked it i ate the whole pizza.

Of course what is a good meal without something to drink. A pitcher of this Guimaras Blend is to die for. Luckily I was so parched because of the heat.

You can see on my face the inevitable - another happy tummy!

And wait, there's more - while I was there I also tried their Bangus - Mango Sisig! Honestly it was just sisig with Mango and the taste does not vary from the regular bangus sisig even if they put Mangoes on it.

Finally, the main meal - my source of Protein. Disclaimer - I did not finish this Baby Back Ribs and left some for dinner. A man can only take as much!

When you visit Guimaras go and visit this Restaurant for you to know if their Mango Pizza is really worth it.

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