Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sipin clan reunion

Tracing our roots, my mother's clan goes back to the late 19th century where a Seminarian named Juan Sipin married Aniceta Carino and had five children. After Aniceta died of Cholera Juan remarried and as all our ancestors say had other children from other women.  

But that was more than a century ago. I remember when we were kids we used to hold reunions in Paranaque to meet our relatives from the SIPIN clan. Unfortunately, a lot of them settled down in the USA while it was hard to find other relatives. Thanks to facebook we have traced a lot of our relatives and asked some of them to have a reunion. 

Our thanks to the family of Tita Purita "Pachot" Sipin-Mapa who together with Tito Toto Mapa hosted the reunion at the Penthouse of the Address condominium in Mandaluyong City. It was great seeing our relatives and meeting some more. 

After having a sumptuous lunch I started out the festivities by introducing the families through a list that my mom Maelotisea Mejia Sipin-Garrido prepared. It was fun knowing our relatives and the stories that my mom told me made it much more exciting.

As I have said this is just the start and we hope to hold another one during the Christmas break so that others who are in the United States who will be here in vacation can join us. Cant wait for December to come. 

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