Friday, January 10, 2014

19th NYC in Bacolod a hit

19th STI NYC Delegates in Bacolod

Dresden Lobaton of 
STI College Bacolod
sings the song 
"God in the City" 
for the Invocation Hymn

STI'ERS singing 
the National Anthem

STI College Bacolod 
School Administrator
Myrah Teologo - Corrales 
welcomes the guests
to the NYC

The Hosts for this year's 
NYC in Bacolod
Ms. Jane Goins 
of STI College Bacolod and 
Mr. Kenth Torres 
of STI Bacolod EC

Mr. Spanky Enriquez , 
talking about 
the influence of Social Media, 
asks for a volunteer.

Mr. Sonnie Santos talks about
 how to act on Cyberbullying

Mr. Edwin Ebreo shows STIers how head hunters operate as he talks about online opportunities.

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