Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Amazing Philippine Beauties 2013

This year's winners of the 
Ms. Amazing Philippine Beauties 
Ms. Nathalie Arcache and her court

Here are highlights from the Amazing Philippines' Beauties pageant. Definitely it was another banner year for them producing gays that you could mistake for women because of their astounding beauty. This year's batch have so many lookers and since the pre-pageant everyone took notice of their bets to win it all.  This also marked their launch of the new Amazing Theatre as the previous Manila Film Center got demolished from a fire last year. Congratulations once again to the organizers for another amazing year.

The beauties open the pageant in their Cosplay attire

Eventual winner Natalie Arcache 
shows her form,curves and beauty during the grandiose opening segment of the pageant

From Ms. Photogenic to other Sponsor's choice winners 
parade in front of the audience

The Amazing Beauties during the Swimwear competition

Radiant in a yellow gown 
is Iwa Simbulan

Iza Calzado look alike, 
Nicole Laforteza 
in her evening gown

The top 10 beauties during the evening gown competition

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