Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blue Eagles formalize final four entry

 The Unstoppable Greg S.

 Adamson’s EJ Camson has been on a tear and is slowly beginning to be the Falcons go to guy.  Shooting 6 of 10 from beyond the arc, Camson this time posts up to show to the Blue Eagle fans his versatility and as he posts up he is met by Nico Salva and is fouled and given two free throws with the Falcons protecting a one point lead with three minutes and twenty seconds left in the game. Unfortunately for Camson, this game is another one taht can be added in his crunch down melt down as he muffed his two free throws and the Blue Eagles countered with a paralyzing 9- 1 run to sneak past the upset conscious Adamson Falcons 79 – 72.

Kiefer acrobatic shot

Camson was at the forefront of another upset in the making but similar to his roles in their losses to UST and FEU, Camson who had the hot hand in this game did not get the ball in the final three minutes after missing two free throws.  Nico Salva was left open and he nailed another jumper to give the Blue Eagles the lead 72 – 71 with three minutes left in the game. In the return play Jericho Cruz muffed a three pointer and Keifer Ravena drained two free throws after being fouled by Cruz himself to give the Eagles a 74 – 71 lead, their biggest for the evening.


The Falcons last stand came when Cruz missed another jumper but Camson grabbed the rebound and passed it to a waiting Roider Cabrera who was fouled by Salva. Cabrera went 1 for 2 from the free throw line which was the last point that the Falcons had as they went scoreless in the final two minutes.  Kiefer Ravena anticipated a pass by Cruz which resulted in a Nico Salva basket. In the return play Ravena once again stole the ball for an unmolested lay up that sealed the win and a place in the final four for the league leading Blue Eagles.

Nico squeezes one in

Nico Salva led the Blue Eagles with 24 points as he went 11 for 14 on the field and 2 for 2 on the line. Most of Salva’s shots were jumpers and this is a big welcome to his return to big time scoring for the Blu Eagles.  Greg Slaughter added 16 points, Kiefer Ravena ended up with15 points while Nico Elorde added 10 points. The Blue Eagles now eye the top spot with the National University Bulldogs and UST Growling Tigers as their next opponent.

Kiefer is let loose

 Salva 24, Slaughter 16, Ravena 15, Elorde 10, Chua 6, Tiongson 3, Buenafe 3, Sumalinog 1, Erram 1, Gonzaga 0, Golla 0.
Camson 26, Cruz 14, Cabrera 10, Monteclaro 8, Brondial 8, Rios 4, Etrone 2, Trollano 0, Petilos 0, Agustin 0.

Quarter Scores: 21-25; 38-38; 55-59; 79-72.

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