Friday, August 3, 2012

Olympians secure first win

Trace College cannot weather the Storm Riva

Sometimes one your worst enemy is yourself. In basketball, a win should always be earned and worked on, it is never given on a silver platter. This is the lesson that the STI College Olympians learned after losing their opener against the St. Clare Saints. This time around, the Olympians worked hard, cruised for a while and then recovered just in time to fashion out a masterful 93 – 64 victory against the vastly improved Trace College of Los Baños at the STI Academic Center Gym at the resumption of the 12th NAASCU basketball tournament.

Cedric Ablaza topscored once again

The Olympians brought back their patented pressure defense which resulted in turnovers for the Stallions and a 27 point first quarter for the Olympians.  Newbie  Paul dela Peña who got elbowed in the eye in the first game led eight Olympians who scored in the first quarter as he  sank six free throws for six markers.  Centers Maclean Sabellina and Ivan Moreno combined with the vastly improved Lester Bocablo chipped in four points each to underscore the Olympians balanced attack.

Maclean Sabellina dunks the ball

The second quarter saw the Olympians relax a little as they allowed the Stallions to chip in on their lead. In comes super Forward Cedric Ablaza and Center Elmer Labis Jr. who each scored five points to address the scoring drought of the Olympians.  The Stallions on the other fought back with Prado and Hilario combining for 11 points to match the Olympians scoring toe to toe.  The Olympians thought the Stallions would simply melt down but unfortunately, like a bad nightmare the Stallions kept coming back.

Lester Bocablo on the drive

The Stallions eventually cut down the lead of the Olympians to ten points which prompted Coach Vic Ycasiano to call a timeout and address the lackadaisical manners of the Olympians. After the timeout, the Olympians responded with their own kind of tight defense and a paralyzing pressure defense that made the Stallions turn the ball over.  The Olympians forced the Stallions into a total of 24 turnovers and most of these were steals led by Marvin Moraga. 

Paul dela Peña scores

By the fourth quarter, the Olympians simply coasted along as they have erected an insurmountable thirty point lead. Top scoring for the Blue Eagles were Ablaza who scored 18 points while Maclean Sabellina and Lester Bocablo  had 12 points apiece. The Olympians play the City University of Pasay next and expect another game similar to this.
Elmer Labis connects

Ablaza 18, Sabellina 12, Bocablo 12, Dela Peña 10, Labis 9, Moreno 6, Morales 5, Moraga 5, Riva 4, Ortega 3, Francisco 3, Saldana 2, Ohandja 2, Chavez 2, Lara 0,

Hilario 11, Reyes 9, Rembon 8, Esperanza 6, Sambrano 6,  Prado 6, Tonggal 4, Villamayor 4, Flores 3, Boyles 2, Eleazar 2, Marqueses 2, Cabrera 1, Perez 0,

27 - 12, 44 - 31, 64 - 47, 93 – 64

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