Wednesday, April 25, 2012

AHS 87 Aruba Fellowship night

 Your truly with FHM Girls 
Jed Montero and Mich Datuin 

After the last beer was consumed and everyone was well asleep in the wee hours of the morning, I kept on singing in my bed songs belted out by Cholo Mallillin in Call of Nature’s reunion concert sponsored by the Ateneo High School Batch 1987.  The event was another fellowship night to bring back batchmates in the loop and hopefully seek the support of each other for the forthcoming hosting of the Ateneo Alumni homecoming which is set on December 8, 2012.  A flock of batchmates arrived and some other walk in customers who were just looking for a good time even went on to have a nice time at the Aruba Bar in metrowalk.

Call of Nature lead singer Cholo Mallillin 
wowed the crowd

The fellowship event was a follow up of the very successful launch at the Strumms bar in Makati last month and everyone who went was so happy to see each other since some of the people who were there that night were batch mates who I have not seen for 25 years! Reminiscing the past and happy times were the topics trending that night and the fun was synonymous to the laughs heard. singers show their wares

The program was simple with two groups entertaining the crowd and two lovely gals having their pictures taken with most of our batch mates.  The group belted out songs from the 80’s with much gusto as the four Haranistas brought back memories of buttercup, wake me up before you gogo and other memorable music.

The crowd shows their appreciation

Simply the star of the night belonged to the Call of Nature band led by batch mate Cholo Mallillin on Vocals and Aries Fonacier on guitars. Other members of the band PJ Exconde, Dodge Exconde,  Pat Gil and Emil Sitjar joined them while they were in the Ateneo College and I distinctly remember waiting for their gig during the Cervini Open house events.  It was a nostalgic moment as Cholo said, the band was still rusty after a 240 month lay-off and just one practice session.

 Happy faces from my 4E classmates

Fortunately the group did not disappoint, Cholo’s vocal prowess was still in effect considering the fact that he had undergone a throat operation way back in the 90’s.  His cool rendition of the songs “My ever Changing Moods,”  “Tuloy pa rin ako, ” “With or Without you” and many more songs were one for the books.  At least we were all in one in saying that their band should  definitely play in the homecoming.   The night ended with a lot of happy faces and I am now looking forward to the next batch fellowship night.

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