Friday, March 9, 2012

Remembering Larry Marasigan

As a young Atenean naughtiness was always a common place in my mind. Imagine, almost every minute that our teacher is working I was doing something that my teachers would definitely make me go out of the classroom or even go the distance of putting masking tape on my face, slapping me or just plain shout at me. That was me a young naughty kid who was out of control and unaware of the consequences that my actions would bring. When I was in grade 5 a temporary substitute teacher came to our class and taught us the rudiments of the English language. Lo and behold this teacher was a no nonsense guy who would often make me stand up in fear everytime I see him. He is no other than Mr. Hilario "Larry" Marasigan. I remember that the first time I was really serious in reading and studying it was because of him. Unknowingly, he motivated me to study and made me understood that rules are suppose to be followed and that I eventually mellowed down on my naughty nature. I later on became friends with his son Alain who is just a batch ahead of me and also a school mate in PSBA. When I heard about his illness I was quite sad knowing that my idol was stricken down. He eventually was taken by the Lord and I am quite sad to hear that he has left us all. To Mr. Marasigan thank you for all the things that you have done and I know that a lot of Ateneans are thankful that you laid good foundations to our future.

*pic of Mr. Marasigan from Alain's FB account

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