Friday, October 28, 2011


Recruiting is a big part of creating a good basketball team. Most of the top recruits in the country usually go to the UAAP and NCAA schools while the so called unpolished gems go to other colleges to eventually polish their games. Others tryout for the Team B of other teams and wait for their chance to be called to the main team.

The third league, the NAASCU has teams that has been trying to produce big names and letting them stay considering the fact that a lot of the UAAP teams are on the prowl in getting some quality players from the 10 team league. That is why getting raw high school graduates who cannot crack a UAAP or NCAA line up at the age of 16 are all welcome to play in the juniors division of the NAASCU.

The STI College Olympians have already recruited quality players from Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon and Iloilo and have been in the look out for new recruits and is doing their homework when it comes to recruitment. Just recently the STI College Olympians started a Basketball clinic to be able to teach and scout High school students who can be future Olympians.

The first batch of students who were invited were from the nearby Global City schools. Students from the MCA Montessori, Army’s Angel Integrated School, Gracel Christian College Foundation and HSL Braille College attended the two day clinic that improved the student’s passing, shooting and basketball sense which was evidenced in the scrimmage that the players had. This is just the start, imagine all the STI Schools nationwide implementing this basketball clinic. Definitely, more aspiring basketball players will definitely be discovered and hopefully by STI.

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