Sunday, September 11, 2011

Adamson spoils Ateneo's sweep

The Adamson Crowd came in droves

There has been a lot that has happened in the past fourteen years in the UAAP. Ateneo has won 4 championships in that span while UST has gone from a final four team to a not so good team and then a champion team. UE has gone up and down a lot of times while DLSU got their share of the player scandals and you can also say the same with FEU, NU has risen from the bottom to become a darkhorse team while UP has gotten two 0 -14 seasons. For the Adamson Falcons, they had their own share of ups and downs and one of their priorities is to end a streak that has been hounding them the past 14 years, their 14 game losing streak agains the Ateneo Blue Eagles. Today, Coach Leo Austria finally found the right formula to will his team to a convincing 62 – 46 win against the sweep seeking Blue Eagles.

Slaughter was double teamed relentlessly

“I noticed that during the round robin that the Blue Eagles were quite tight, different and there was no fire in their eyes!” That was a good observation of the Falcons mentor as the all-business Falcons pounded on the Blue Eagles from the opening minute until the final horn as they led from start to finish to carve out their historic win. Lester Alvarez paced the Falcons in the opening quarter as he was virtually unstoppable as every defense the Blue Eagles threw on him did not work as Alvarez burned the Eagles for 10 first quarter point, as a matter of fact he had more points than the Ateneo team as the Falcons seized control of the first quarter by getting a 14 - 8 lead.

The Phenom was shadowed by bigger guards

Right when the Blue Eagles were about to take the lead after Bacon Austria was awarded two free throws on a foul with the Falcons on top 16 – 15, the Eagles were denied once again as Austria missed his two free throws and the Falcons starring Alex Nuyles surged ahead once again to take a precarious 27 – 24 lead at the half. At the start of the third quarter, the Blue Eagles hopefuls were waiting for a run that would give the Ateneo team control of the game. Unfortunately for them it was the Falcons that came out more determined and relentless on their defense in the third quarter. The Falcons limited the Eagles to 7 third quarter points while soaring to 23 themselves. Their defense and the offensive onslaught led by Alex Nuyles catapulted the Falcons to an insurmountable 50 – 31 lead.

Kirk Long scores

In the fourth quarter, the Eagles were still waiting for the Falcons fourth quarter meltdown but unfortunately for them that never came. Lester Alvarez was cramped out in the fourth quarter but the rest of the Falcons stayed focus as the Blue Eagles were shooting blanks and in the end the Falcons just clearly outhustled the Blue Eagles. Today, the Falcon soared higher than the Eagle. With this win, the final four will be set with the Eagles still at #1, the Falcons solidified their claim at # 2 while FEU and UST will fight it out for # 3 and 4.

A dunk by Slaughter



Nuyles 21, Alvarez 14, Camson 6, Manyara 4, Brondial 4, Lozada 4, Colina 4, Etrone 3, CaƱada 2, Cabrera 0


Slaughter 10, Ravena 9, Long 9, Gonzaga 7, Salva 5, Monfort 4, Chua 2, Tiongson 0, Golla 0, Austria 0,


14 – 8, 27 – 24, 50 – 31, 62 - 46

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