Sunday, August 7, 2011

STI Spikers join delos Santos Cup

A look at the action

One sport that individuals shine but rely a lot on team work is the game of Volleyball. To be able to be at this one sport, one must develope tremendous timing on those set plays and great conditioning to be able to answer back at every spike thrown at you. Just recently the STI College Olympians finally found a home at the STI College Fairview branch where most of the Olympians are enrolled. The previous year, there were problems in attaining the much needed chemistry since most of the players come from 5 branches and most of them do not practice together.

Amontos looks to score

This year the Olympians hope that they can address that concern as the team is now regularly practicing from 7 am to 11 am in the morning with the women taking up the first slot while the men starting at 9 am. This way, there is more predictability and more time to hone and develop the skills needed in order to become a team.

Lazaro and Ponce jump for the block

Last summer, the Men’s and Women’s team joined a barangay league in order for them to play as a team and and help them improve their other skills. The women’s team had more success with the results while the men grapled for form. The next step after that is joining a league that can serve as the pre-cursor to the NAASCU which can be the gauge for the the team’s level of play. Enter the Philippine Amateur Volleyball Referees Association (PAVRA) Volleyball tournament which is aptly called the Delos Santos Cup.

Noli rising up to the occassion

The delos Santos cup has ten male teams entered and six female teams with most of the teams coming from UAAP and NCAA Teams. The PAVRA is also the league where teams from the UAAP and NCAA use as a tune up tournament before their actual tournament starts in the second semester. That is why the level of competition is high in the tournament and this something that the STI volleyball teams can look forward to in the future. Losing may be something that our team will have to get used to but the goal of the team is to improve their skills and team work, winning will have to come later when those goals have been met. Bottomline, it takes years to build a winning program, but you have to start somewhere.

Espino to spike

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