Sunday, March 6, 2011

ASSOC 25th Anniversary Celebration

As I look at myself and think of what I have become, I will always remember that a big part of me is because of the brotherhood that I got immersed when I was in College. I have always mentioned that the term “Campus Tour” actually came from my experience in College since I was in four schools in my seven and half college journey. I have met a lot of people and have also been with a big barkada when I was in PSBA but nothing beats the way of the ASSOC brotherhood.

The Choir

Being with my brothers helped me develop a lot of values and in a small way molded me to who I am now. I learned the value of commitment since every time we have projects we give 100% commitment on what we did and as we always say there no half-baked commitment, it’s always 100% or no commitment at all, 99% will never do! One thing that binds each and everyone is one’s word of honor. Being an Atenean, rich or poor, that is the only thing that makes or breaks you. Our word of honor commands respect to your peers and upperclassmen.

Fr. Kreutz celebrating the mass

One thing great about the Ateneo is its rich tradition. I work in an environment where various officemates come from different walks of life. Some of my officemates even come from the other prestigious universities but envy me when it comes to the wide network of school mates that I have. This is because of the bond that we all create since we were wearing short pants in grade school and the brotherhood that we have nurtured through the years.

The Core of HS Batch 1985

As I reminisce the past two decades of drinking sessions, basketball games and random nonsense moments, I realize that the hundred cases of beers and the thousands of laughs we all have shared have served its purpose. Deeper bonds have been made, help was extended to friends who were seeking a better future and more importantly everything we have shared in the past can now be passed on to the next generation of ASSOC members.

The Core of HS Batch 1987

It has always been great to go back and visit the Ateneo. The Ateneo High School Chapel was a fitting venue for the 25th Anniversary mass. The Choir which was composed of our Days with the Lord - Assoc members who up until now are still serving various DWTL communities. The Alumni especially the core of the 1985 batch that I enjoy seeing and sharing lots of fun moments. This is the kind of brotherhood that I believe will last even when our hairs are all gray and our laughter subdued. Happy 25th Anniversary ASSOC, here is to more brotherhood moments to come.

Party People

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