Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My STI Anniversary

The NITC in Baguio 2001

I never knew it will come down to this. I received a call from my good friend Jem Bengzon and he invited me to go to Makati for a job offering. I was doing well with my current job then at Toyota Cubao Incorporated selling vehicles. I spent five years in TCI and I was transformed from a person who doesn’t know anything about vehicles to the top salesman of that branch. I was doing well and earning well but the offer for an exciting stable job was to much to pass. To make a long story short I eventually decided to join STI College.

The Convention in PICC

After two months on the job there was a big feud between the new management and the former incorporators of STI. I was kinda caught off guard with such happenings that I questioned my decision to join STI, I was thinking that I might have made a wrong decision. In my first four months with the company I had three bosses and no certainty of my future. Fortunately the smoke cleared and the first major event that me and my new boss had became a success, Halalan 2001. It was my baptism of fire and it was something that made me tell myself that STI is the company for me.

The Winners Circle in South Korea

After four years in the company there was a big depression all over the country and the company was affected. For two years we had no salary increase and all we had was the fact that we enjoyed doing our job that was why we held on to it. Word was out about it and some of my friends offered me good salary to transfer but when I was about to decide I found myself still going back to STI. After two years of sacrificing everything paid off and STI took a big leap to what it is now.

The Fab Four Singing at a bar in Dagupan City

Today, as I reflect on my first ten years in STI all the sacrifices and sleepless nights are all being compensated with so much fulfillment in everything that I do. My work then to now has definitely tripled but through the years I have learned a lot and I am happy that I was guided and taught by great people who were instrumental in molding me through the years.

Hosting the 18th Leaders Convention in Dos Palmas

I hope that my next ten years in STI I will be able to touch the lives of countless students and officemates and hopefully I will make a difference in their lives. To STI, thank you for the blessing of greatness.

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adelon said...

haha i like the Fav four pre! pati ung tumutugtog nakinig nlang satin! congrats pre! hope you'll have more years with STI! maswerte sila nagkaron ng gwapong empleyado na kagaya mo! gleeeng! =D