Thursday, March 20, 2008

It seems like 1000 BC to me

This is another love story that happened 10000 years before Christ much more like the Titanics and Pearl Harbor love stories that was set in a tragedy or war for that matter. I've always loved movies with a cast of thousands but this one had its ups and downs. Bottomline, I liked it but I had some questions that were left unawnswered.
First, was it really easy to recruit bandits then from different tribes? Well it seems like word travels fast during those days considering the next tribe is located a 100 kilometers from where the original gossip came to be? Second, since sex wasn't much of a morality issue then, don't you think the bad guys then would immediately rape a beautiful slave girl on the first opportunity that he gets? Why wait for others to have an opportunity to snatch her from you.
Third, I have never seen people so fluent in speaking english those days. As a matter of fact translation wasn't much part of a problem to them then. Last, I never thought there was colgate in those days coz the primitive guys had great set of teeth? I just want to know who their dentist was. They had great sense of confidence.

What I liked:
  • The rampage of the mammoths
  • Camille Belle
  • The Fight scenes
  • The lead character's character

What I did not like:
  • The boring first part
  • I liked Camille Belle but I would have liked her to have more speaking lines
  • I think the film did not really capture the 10000 BC era, much more like 1000 BC

But then again, I am not a full time film critic - that's just me.

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