Sunday, November 11, 2007


The last time I was in a studio for a taping was December 2000 when I was a guest for GMA 7. After that I remember turning down additional offers for short roles and concentrated with my work in STI. Last Nov 4, I was back at the Broadway Centrum for a live show. The last time I had a taping there was also in 2000 with a sitcom of Vic Sotto and with Rossana Roces. Yes I was back, but this time as team manager of the STI All-Star Dance team. A classic actor turned manager stuff that was also quite exciting. This time around you were looking for the best possible scenario for the gals that you represent. It was so nice to see the gals being picked up at STI College Cubao by a van going to Broadway, had lunch there and after that they rehearsed with the Showbiz central people on what dance steps to use for the prescribed music. The segment that they were to come out was the “Don’t Lie” segment of John Lapus in which they will come out and dance if the guest will tell a lie. I said “What???” But what if the guest will not tell a lie? Then we wasted our time and effort to be there? I asked who the guest was, they said its Wendell Ramos! AH okay I think we will be able to dance thrice! (I was implying that he will lie three times)Come 4:00 pm the show started and the gap that the girls were suppose to come out was at around 5:15 pm. The girls got nice reviews as their elegance thrilled the studio audience and their electrifying moves left a lot of people wanting Wendell to lie again. After that it was most gratifying of all, text messages from friends who watched that they saw them on tv. To the girls the most important thing they did was get a picture with the crush ng bayan Richard Guttierrez, that alone completed their day. In a way I was happy for them, the same thing I felt when I came out on tv 16 years ago. Oh my God it was that ancient, well I hope that I will accompany them to many more things like this.

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